Annually university, tertiary and secondary students elect student leaders i.e. guild
presidents and the guild representative council (GRCs) who stand in as representatives of the fellow students in various capacities through a very vigorous and competitive election. This is sometimes characterized by a lot of election irregularities including vote rigging, sectarianism, bribery and a lot of controversy.

My vote campaign will be a platform to ensure free and fair elections through sensitizing university student leadership electorate about the value of their vote, and further provide a platform for the candidates to present their manifestos which creates a sync between the two parties.

The campaign is meant to emulate a platform for free competition with critical analysis of the various leaders and emphasis of the key requirements of each as the most appropriate candidate is siphoned, after the interventions of the electorate and the civil society organization piloting the cause.

The campaign will start in the high institutions of learning that is universities and later on be absorbed in other relevant education institutions. This shall start a week before the opening dates for campaigns of candidates for guild president and GRCs positions. Through this campaign, the winning candidates shall later be held accountable for their pledges and declarations made during campaigns.

The campaign shall be held under the theme: “FOR ELECTION INTEGRITY IN INSTITUTIONS”.

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