CFGU is an organization formed due to members’ concern about the rising levels of corruption practices in the country, with Uganda ranked among the most corrupt countries in the whole world.

The organization is a youth-based organization founded and steered by a group of University graduates and students across Uganda; who believe that the fight against corruption is everyone’s responsibility i.e. both old and young. Everyone’s contribution is critical however small it might seem. These youth have pledged zero tolerance to corruption to their country and influence their peers to follow suit.

CFGU seeks to promote the culture of integrity, transparency, accountability and prevention of corruption and its consequences. The organization founders strongly believe that the youth’s engagement in this anti-corruption fight will make the dream of a corruption-free generation a reality. This will further increase the youth involvement in defining solutions to various problems our societies are facing; something vital for continued development of the societies in which we all live.

Youth are public officials, policy makers and business leaders of tomorrow. For this reason therefore, including them in the anti-corruption efforts is an investment and can ensure a solid future of anti-corruption policies and practices. This will further stimulate an early assimilation of concepts of integrity that will inform the growth and behavior of citizens and leaders of tomorrow.